HRconnection for Employees

HRconnection is a customized benefits information site for employees.

HRconnection can be tailored to meet your organization’s employee information needs. Benefits professionals can easily post new information, making communications faster and more efficient. With HRconnection, employees have one central place where they can access all benefits information 24 hours a day. The result is better-informed employees and fewer questions and information requests made to human resources.

Key features of HRconnection

  • Benefit Program Information. Instant access to information specific to your benefit program.
  • Newsletters: Access to newsletters with life and work style health care tips and information

Login to HRconnection

Contact us to discuss your employee benefit program options.

BIU Clients

HRconnection is now your link to view all of your employee benefit information. To login, you must use the new User Name and Password that was provided to you.

Contact your group administrator within your organization with any questions about your benefits package.

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