We work with you

VistaNational custom designs your plan to best meet the needs of your employees, provide you with benefit level options, and define the best funding solution to maximize options and minimize costs.

Our proven process provides clarity and direction in developing a custom designed plan that clients will feel confident in providing to their employees.

Know Your Client

• Culture

• Demographics

• Needs

• Staffing

• Plan Design

• Etc

Plan Analysis

• Financial Performance vs. Design and Utilization

• Client Plan and Funding Options Input

• Network Utilization and Discounts

Market Analysis and RFP

• Identify Appropriate Carriers and Products

• Examine Carrier Financial Ratings

• Provide Detailed RFP

• Examine Carrier Network Coverage

Negotiations & Recommendations

• Analyze Underwriting Assumptions

• Aggressively Negotiate with Current Carriers and Alternate Carriers

• Present Recommendations

• Provide Market Benchmarking

• Provide Plan Modeling Options

• Negotiate Service Guarantees


• Establish Cost Controls and Contribution Strategies

• Prepare Employee Communications for Enrollment Meetings

• Coordinate Meetings with Carriers

• Define Utilization/Management Reports

• Establish Timelines for Communications Efforts

Proactive Service

• Claims Resolution

• Billing Issues

• Contractual Issues

• Plan Amendments

• Monitor Plan Financials

• Quarterly Reviews

• Inform, Simplify and Assist with Compliance Obligations

• Act as Extension of HR Department


• Keep Clients Informed of Compliance and Legislation Changes

• Issue Information Dissecting New Laws

• Sponsor Relevant Seminars/Webinars

• Keep Clients Informed of Changes in the Insurance Marketplace

Measure Results

• Quarterly and Annual Client Plan Reviews

• Service Review

• Employee Satisfaction Measurement

• Discount/Network Performance Analysis


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