VistaNational custom designs your benefit plan to best meet the needs of your employees, provide you with benefit level options, and define the best funding solution to maximize options and minimize costs. Our proven VistaPath process below provides clarity in developing a custom designed plan that you will feel confident providing to your employees.

We Provide Ongoing Support

Once your benefit plan is designed and executed, our support doesn’t stop there. VistaNational serves as an extension of your HR department and provides expert services to help you with:

  • Claims resolution
  • Billing issues
  • Contractual issues
  • Plan amendments
  • Monitoring plan financials
  • Quarterly reviews
  • Compliance obligations

We Keep Your HR Team Informed

VistaNational also ensures your HR team is proactively kept informed about the latest insurance trends and legislation. We provide information about changes in compliance, legislation and the insurance marketplace. VistaNational also helps dissect new laws and provides seminars/webinars on important topics.

We Help You Measure Performance

VistaNational helps our clients to keep their finger on the pulse of their benefit plan performance.  We proactively implement:

  • Quarterly and Annual Client Plan Reviews
  • Service Reviews
  • Employee Satisfaction Measurements
  • Discount/Network Performance Analysis