VistaNational will work with you to develop the benefit product and plan solutions that meet your goals and financial objectives. We believe that your benefit solution should be as unique as your company – and perfectly tailored to fit your goals, culture and budget.

The VistaPath™ Process

Our VistaPath best practices planning process starts with gaining a deep knowledge of your current plan as well as understanding your challenges. With that understanding, we can design a benefit plan that can help you:

  • Control escalating benefits costs
  • Offer benefits to attract and retain employees
  • Open up time to devote to other important initiatives
  • Identify solutions to stay ahead of the changing benefits landscape

Program Renewals

When it comes to program renewals, Vista has tools allowing for comprehensive analysis of claims drivers, plus analysis and review of cost modeling, forecasting and member impact features. We use our insight and vast experience to aggressively negotiate renewals and, where necessary, shop a plan on your behalf.  Vista works as your advocate to get the maximum benefits at the minimum cost. Our program renewal services include:

  • Comprehensive Market Analysis
  • Network/Discount Analysis
  • Funding Option Analysis
  • Underwriting Analysis
  • Renewal Negotiations
  • Contribution Strategies
  • Forecasting & Modeling
  • Benchmarking (Plan Design, Contributions, Claim Costs)
  • Budgeting
  • Dependent Audits
  • Carve-Out/Surcharge Strategies
  • Action Calendar