VistaNational has partnered with one of the largest providers of telehealth medical consultations in the U.S., to provide 24/7/365 access to a doctor through the convenience of phone and online video consultations. Our telemedicine solution is often offered in addition to traditional group health insurance benefits as a value-add for employees.

Telemedicine Benefits

Employees like telemedicine because it provides a convenient and less expensive option for healthcare – allowing them to see a doctor 24/7 from anywhere via online or telephone connections. This program allows for no co-pays for members and encourages participation. Employers also benefit:

  • Lower emergency high-price claims to less expensive alternative to ER and urgent care centers.
  • Telemedicine reduces absenteeism and increases productivity.

Without telemedicine, employees must take time off from work to see a doctor during business hours – or they may come to work sick. With telemedicine, employees can quickly see a doctor from anywhere and get treated quickly so they can get well and reduce absenteeism.

  • It reduces the need for temporary workers — or being short staffed.  

When employees get sick, employers must cover for the sick employee or bring in costly untrained temps.

  • Telemedicine helps attract and retain employees

It is a valued service for employees that increases their satisfaction with their overall benefits plan.